5 Ways to Step Up Your Staten Island Home’s Landscaping

Staten Island is home to some of the most beautiful architectural features for houses and downtown buildings. The landscaping you will find throughout the suburbia areas can be very inviting and pristine. The catch is they are often done by local landscapers. Hiring routine lawn services throughout Staten Island carries a steep price tag, but there are ways to do it yourself. SYNLawn New York shares five unique ways to step up your landscaping on your own without the high maintenance costs.

Install paver walkways and patio space: Reduce the amount of lawn to care for by replacing it with aesthetically pleasing patio pavers. Today, there are plenty of stone options to choose from in various lusters and colors.  You can even ask a local lawn care service in Staten Island, NY to install these.

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Create height and depth: Invest in planters of various sizes and fill them with local climate-friendly plants. If you are handy, you can even terrace your lawn or create hills with dirt and mulch before inserting potted plants. You will find this to be a quick and more affordable way to amp up your lawn’s curb appeal without hiring a landscaper.

Stop mowing: Homeowners who replace traditional sod with artificial grass can stop mowing and will not have to spend time or money on lawn maintenance. Installation may initially sound like a heavy upfront cost, but over time, it saves homeowners hundreds of dollars in lawn maintenance fees. This includes reduced water bills, lawn care equipment costs and so much more. Artificial grass also stays green all year long without fertilizers or weed control products.

Make an Ivy Wall: For row-style homes, backyard and side yard spaces can be limited. Opt for wall plants that do not require sunlight, watering or maintenance. SYNLawn New York is proud to provide fake ivy wall options for Staten Island residents. This allows you to have a piece of greenery without the landscaping and watering costs. They maintain their look even in the wettest winter season. Try it in fake boxwood or English ivy today!

Shape bushes/trees into shapes: Several types of trees and bushes can be trimmed to have unique shapes. Some plants naturally produce special shapes and forms without maintenance. Our favorites include Boxwood shrubs, holly-based plants, laurels, privets, and more. Some trees in the pine family can also be used in this way. Some local lawn maintenance companies are well-known for this type of work, but you can keep costs down by purchasing your desired tree and then planting it yourself. This type of project is best for outdoorsy individuals with a green thumb. Be mindful that there is quite a bit of maintenance involved with heavy trimming and pruning.There are many ways you can reinvent your backyard space without hiring a routine lawn care service in Staten Island. Save the money and do it yourself! If you would like to learn more about the fake ivy wall or artificial turf products available at SYNLawn New York, call us at 212-247-5296. You can also schedule a free design consultation online!

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