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About SYNLawn’s New York Artificial Grass Installers

Other companies install turf, SYNLawn designs turf! 

Become a part of the SYNLawn “Clean & Green” Revolution!

You deserve a New York artificial grass distributor that has excelled in the industry for over four decades.  SYNLawn® and its state-of-the-art synthetic turf products fit the bill from putting greens and artificial lawns, to playground turf and a host of other commercial and residential applications.  Our artificial turf consistently looks and feels more realistic, and sets the bar for durability, and for good reason. Many of our products offer our patented Enviroloc™ Technology, which offers superior strength, incredible resiliency, cooler temperatures, and a more realistic look.  In addition, we also have our proprietary SuperYarn™ technology, combining both a Class A fire rating with Sanitized™ , DualChill™  and StatBloc™.  Did you know that Santized® is also used in such brands as Levi Jeans, Timberland Shoes and even at the gas station pumps?

We are never satisfied with our synthetic grass products.  We consistently invest in research and development. in order to keep our products and our industry moving forward. Our synthetic turf is an inspired choice for rooftops, back yards, front yards, events, weddings and tradeshows in New York, and has been featured in the windows of Prada and Bloomingdale’s, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Central Park, Washington Square Park, Success Academy Schools, Madison Boys & Girls Club, 55 Water Street, Old NY Times Building, The Standard Hotel and hundreds and hundreds of more locations throughout NY City and NY State.


Stands for comprehensive odor management in textiles and shoes. The Sanitized® hygiene function protects plastics, surfaces and mattresses from the formation of fungi and algae, reduces dust mites and odors, and provides long-lasting material protection to polymers and paints.

Effective against coronavirus: Sanitized® additives protect synthetic textiles. Call SYNLawn New York today to learn more! 212-247-5296

  • Landscaping turf for residential homes or commercial buildings
  • Backyard golf greens and lawns
  • Indoor putting greens and lawns
  • Event turf
  • Creative design and display grass
  • Store window grass
  • TV and Movie set grass​
  • Playground turf
  • Park Turf
  • Faux ivy Faux Living Walls: Vista Green
  • Sports turf: Soccer, multi-purpose, basketball and tennis, etc
  • Pet turf
  • Rooftops, decks, and patios

At SYNLawn®, it’s not enough that our products replicate natural grass at its most green and pristine level. We demand more from ourselves on behalf of our customers and as a result, have consistently created products that save you time and money while bringing a sense of earth-first responsibility to the table. We work directly with US Soybean farmers to use the most innovative technology in inspired plant-based design. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that our grass looks perfect all year round regardless of climate or the amount of foot traffic inhabiting it. We strive to listen to our communities and local leadership and design our grasses based on the needs of the collective. Other companies install turf, SYNLawn designs turf!

Our products are perfect for hard to grow areas, small yards and for those looking for inventive and appealing landscaping ideas. At SYNLawn® of New York, we think outside the box, and are excited that a growing number of people are using our products to do exactly the same thing. We’re all about the innovation, and encourage you to think of new and exciting ways to incorporate our New York artificial grass and synthetic turf product lines into your home or office, park or rooftop aesthetic.