SYNLawn : Carl’s Golfland receives driving range upgrades

SYNLawn Installs New Landing Area at Carl’s Golfland® in Plymouth, Michigan

Plymouth, MI — For over 60 years, Carl’s Golfland has served the greater Detroit area as the largest golf retailer in the state. Its state-of-the-art retail store at the St. John’s Golf and Conference Center in Plymouth, Michigan also features a full practice facility, which recently underwent renovations. The Trackman driving range, which captures data about each player’s shots to help improve their form and follow-through, needed an update after years of use. SYNLawn Michigan was hired to install 280,000 square feet of premium artificial turf to return the landing area to its peak condition.

New Turf Reduces Maintenance Needs

The landing zone on this advanced driving range receives heavy traffic each week from falling golf balls, which causes wear and tear from the equipment used to retrieve the balls for visitors. With a new layer of SYNLawn’s toughest and most authentic driving range turf in place, less maintenance work is needed on the landing zone, and the team at Carl’s Golfland can use their equipment without working about causing the same damage as they did with the previous turf.

A Major Installation

Plenty of preparation went into the upgrade of the landing area. Pete Line, the range designer and manager, wanted to completely sculpt the area with new features, so it took time to create new undulations and hills to cover with the SYNLawn turf. The custom-made artificial grass was delivered in 316 separate rolls, along with 800,000 pounds of sand to serve as the base material, which required plenty of layout and seaming work from the installers. The SYNLawn team worked hard during the installation process to deliver the finest product they could install.

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