Vista Green

New York Artificial Faux Vines, Plants and Living Walls

Upgrade your residential or commercial landscape in a beautiful and exciting way by outfitting your vertical wall surfaces with Faux Ivy and plant living walls, sold exclusively by SYNLawn® of New York!

Our artificial ivy vines and living walls are a beautiful integration to any outdoor space.  Living walls can transform what were once common vertical wall surfaces into something green, lush, and incredibly appealing.  If you’re a fan of the look of ivy, you’ll love the variety of plants we have to offer.  Both fake boxwood ivy and fake english ivy among other colorful plants of different looks and textures are available, giving you multiple options to suit your needs and upgrade the existing look and feel of your exterior space.

Faux ivy from SYNLawn® of New York is easy to shape and attach, and even easier to maintain.  Here are a few of its many great features:

Provides a great way to aesthetically improve your walls

  • No watering
  • No trimming
  • No pruning
  • Built to stand up to any and all weather conditions and maintain its perfect look
  • Available in boxwood, english ivy and more!

Our design and installation professionals will work with you to create an environment that works within the shapes and dimensions of your vertical outdoor space. Once completed, your exterior areas will be transformed and invigorated by the aesthetic appeal our faux ivy brings to any location.

Faux ivy from SYNLawn® of New York makes a perfect addition to wall surfaces and exterior fences and can also be used for ground cover, office décor and more. Consult with us today to learn more about this wonderful product exclusive to us. We’ll introduce you to our living walls featuring a variety of artificial plants that look realistic and fit your space.  Our designers will work together to choose the style that best suits your home or business!