How Does SYNLawn New York Artificial Grass Stand Up to the Winter Weather?

At SYNLawn New York, our artificial grass is designed to withstand virtually all weather climates in New York, NY, so it can remain luscious and vibrant all year long. As winter creeps closer, home and business owners may wonder what will happen to their landscape once the temperatures drop and snow becomes more consistent. Wintertime and other weather conditions can cause deterioration to traditional grass that results in costly repairs and reseeding when the season is over. Fortunately, our artificial turf eliminates traditional maintenance and is infused with advanced technologies that are the result of years of research and development. We want you to spend less time on lawn care and more time enjoying yourself with your family and friends, including in the winter.

SYNLawn New York Artificial Grass Won’t Fade or Freeze

Synthetic grass was made to last all year round, even in the face of persistent snow and ice accumulations. Best of all, ice cannot harm our turf. When your lawn freezes, you risk losing the glow of your conventional grass lawn. With SYNLawn New York, this is not the case since our surfaces are constructed out of durable materials that do not fade or falter over time. Not to mention, our fibers do not freeze because our faux grass does not contain any water. We utilize our cutting-edge technologies that help remove many of these typical lawn care challenges, even in the dead of winter. 

Simplify Maintenance Throughout the Winter

Many of us have to shovel snow or melt ice during the winter months to leave the house or allow dogs access to the backyard. To make things simpler, homeowners often opt for salt or chemical-based deicers, but this can further harm your landscape. Using deicers might leave behind residue that can clog your draining system. Thankfully, though, because of its porous backing, SYNLawn New York artificial turf provides optimal drainage to prevent this. Our synthetic grass solutions enable you to let the ice melt naturally and keep supplying nutrients to the soil underneath your installation.

Our artificial grass also enables you to take preventive action and cover the lawn with a non-porous cloth or sheet when snow is on its way. In doing so, the only time you must spend on your lawn is to remove the snow that accumulates on top of the plastic sheeting. This is also a highly effective way to stop undesirable pests and rats from potentially tunneling into your landscaping.

Pets Stay Cleaner and You Stay Warmer

Replacing your landscape with SYNLawn New York artificial grass means no more muddy paws, no more weeds, and no more hassle. We want you and your pets to stay comfortable indoors this winter and avoid the freezing temperatures. Once the weather warms up and the snow starts to melt, all you will have to do is sweep the ice off the top of your synthetic pet turf and resume your normal activities. 

Due to its thick thatch and unique synthetic grass blade shape, our synthetic turf provides outstanding durability. This thatch not only increases the realism of our turf but also maintains the upright posture of our grass fibers and secures the Envirofill® filler. An antimicrobial acrylic sand infill called Envirofill® helps to stop the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms like mold and algae, which can cause stains, odors, and product degradation.

3 dogs playing on synthetic grass

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Owning a lawn that stands up to winter weather in New York, NY, is possible with artificial grass from SYNLawn New York. For years, we have been a top provider of artificial grass for commercial and residential properties. We strive to go above and beyond to meet the specifications of our customers and ensure their utmost satisfaction. 
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