New York Artificial Lawn Installers

What better way to assure perfect green grass 24/7/365 than by installing a beautiful artificial grass lawn from SYNLawn®? Our synthetic turf lawn and landscape products will save you time because all the yard work you WON’T be doing, and will save you money in the form of lower water bills. Synthetic lawns also give their owners the satisfaction of being the envy of friends and neighbors by virtue of having the most perfect lawn in any New York neighborhood.

You may be asking yourself exactly how much you can expect to save on water bills courtesy of SYNLawn® of New York’s landscaping turf. Those who have switched to artificial lawns have seen over a 50% reduction in residential water use on average.

Synlawn’s various collection of artificial grasses are technologically advanced using a plant based soy Enviroloc™ backing system, and a SuperYarn ™  Class A fire rated and antimicrobial yarn.  Working with US soy farmers all of our products are proudly made in the USA integrating UV protection, with an unmatched 15 year warranty.  In addition, in response to the Covid19 pandemic we now utilize Progienics® an excellent antiviral solution that is integrated into all our artificial grass installation services moving forward and available for purchase.  SYNLawn® New York has been installing synthetic turf since 2006, and has completed thousands of artificial grass projects all over the state of New York.   No project is too big or too small, safe for pets and kids!

Some of our highest rated synthetic grass products for landscape applications include:

For Dog and Pet Areas

  • SYNLawn Pet Platinum
  • SYNLawn Pet Premium

For Playground Applications

  • SYNLawn Play Platinum
  • SYNLawn Play Premium

For Roof / Deck / Patio

  • SYNLawn Roofdeck Platinum
  • SYNLawn Roofdeck Premium

Our BioBased Collection

  • SYNAugustine547

For Lawns Our X-Series Collection

  • SYNAugustineX47
  • SYNBlueX48
  • SYNMeadowX47
  • SYNZoysiaX49
  • And more!

To view our complete collection of artificial grasses please visit our Turf Gallery

There’s a reason you’ll find SYNLawn® artificial turf in a variety of additional places including as playground grass, sports turf, and more. It is simply stronger, lasts longer, and looks better than any other product on the market.

Imagine a yard that maintains its perfection day in and day out, asking nothing of you in terms of time and money while providing a beautiful aesthetic for your outdoor space. That is the job of SYNLawn® artificial grass, and our products are always up to the task. The creation of the finest synthetic turf products in the industry is no accident. With a Research & Development Lab that is the only one of its kind in our industry, our already-state-of-the-art products are always in a state of continuous improvement.