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Think of your favorite putting greens on your favorite local courses, and imagine having access to a green of that quality just by walking out the back door of your home. SYNLawn® of New York is making this scenario possible by virtue of our synthetic grass golf greens for your home or business. We offer the most realistic and durable artificial turf in the industry, and are providing golf enthusiasts everywhere with a once in a lifetime opportunity by virtue of our backyard and indoor putting greens.

If you’re like the rest of us, your short game always has room for improvement. SYNLawn® helps to make chipping and putting practice ultra-convenient, and our synthetic turf greens provide not only the look and feel but also the true roll and performance of any natural grass green you’ve ever played. Here are the artificial turf golf products available to you:

  • Custom designed backyard putting greens
  • Pro-grade putting greens are portable, fun and perfect for home or offices
  • Exclusive putting green, fringe, fairway and rough products designed by SYNLawn® and Dave Pelz
  • Ongoing research by Dave Pelz and the Pelz Golf Institute for continued real golf performance
  • Precision installation services provided by certified SYNLawn® Greensmaster™ professionals

SYNLawn® of New York’s golf greens are a perfect fit in both residential and commercial environments, and our products are designed to act like a real golf green, are installed to strict specifications, and created to provide you with real golf improvement.

Golf enthusiasts in New York can also benefit from going to www.synlawngolf.com and checking out The Elements of Practice; a host of drills and games created by one of golf’s foremost authorities on the short game, Dave Pelz! And these elements can be built into every custom green we install.

SYNLawn® artificial grass is easy to care for because there is never any watering, mowing, fertilizing, or any other form of yard work involved. Think also of the money you’ll save by virtue of lower water bills and you can see why we offer such a great return on your investment in your wallet as well as your handicap.