Westchester County

Westchester County Synthetic Landscape Design

Homeowners throughout Westchester County, New York, are making the decision to save time and money by switching to a synthetic lawn. If you ask these individuals why they have chosen to deviate from natural grass landscaping, the reasons will quickly become apparent.

Here are the top five reasons to switch to a synthetic landscape design.

  1. Minimal care required

Perhaps the most attractive feature of synthetic lawn turf is the fact that little-to-no maintenance is required, to enjoy a perfectly green lush lawn.  Just hose off your artificial lawn or use a leaf blower to remove debris, you will never have to weed, fertilize, hedge or mow your lawn ever again!  The time and monetary savings associated with these tasks are substantial; save on gas, seeds, water, fertilizer, and more.

When you choose to make the switch, your lawn will always be green no matter what time of the year it is.  Our synthetic turf will never yellow or turn brown even with heavy pet use.  Parched lawns that require yearly reseeding and new sod are a thing of the past with synthetic turf from SYNLawn® New York.

  1. Save water

Lawn maintenance accounts for the majority of water usage in Westchester County homes.  Synthetic lawns eliminate the need for excessive and wasteful watering, cutting your monthly water bill by up to 66 percent.

  1. Cooler surface

Some homeowners may have the misconception that synthetic turf gets hotter in the summer months than natural grass does.  The opposite is actually true; our artificial grass stays cooler than natural grass and is up to 20 percent cooler than our competitor’s synthetic turf due to SuperYarn™.

  1. Safety

Our synthetic landscape design is completely uniform to create a safe place for children, adults and pets alike.  Natural grass conceals holes, bumps and other imperfections that can cause injuries.  Our perfectly smooth surface provides a safe haven for playing, running, sports, and any other activity you enjoy.

  1. Reduce allergies

Thousands of people throughout Westchester Country suffer from seasonal allergies.  Natural grass is itself the cause of many allergies, but it also traps pollen, dust, dander, and other allergens in its blades.  Synthetic grass from SYNLawn® New York is hypoallergenic, giving you the freedom to fully enjoy your time outdoors without itchy eyes and sneezing.

Synlawn’s various collection of grasses are technologically advanced using a plant based soy Enviroloc™ backing system, and a SuperYarn ™ Class A fire rated and antimicrobial yarn.  Working with US soy farmers all of our products are proudly made in the USA integrating deluster and UV protection, with an unmatched 15 year warranty.  In addition, in response to the Covid19 pandemic we now utilize Progienics® an excellent antiviral solution that is integrated into all our installation services moving forward and available for purchase.  SYNLawn® New York has been installing since 2006, and has completed thousands of projects all over the state of New York.   No project is too big or too small, safe for pets and kids!

SYNLawn® New York also provides services for the design and installation of premium synthetic putting greens and playground turf throughout the entire state of New York.  For more information about how you can make the switch to a synthetic landscape design, request a free consultation today!