Top 10 Things to Consider Before Buying New York Artificial Grass

Today, buying artificial grass is one of the smartest decisions any landscaper, commercial property owner, or residential homeowner can make. With a plethora of benefits ranging from savings to eco-logical benefits, making the switch to artificial grass is one of the best investments one can make.

Artificial Grass Is Designed for Heavy Foot Traffic

When making the decision on what kind of New York artificial turf, something to take into consideration is foot traffic. For example, commercial properties can see hundreds to thousands, to millions of people daily depending on the business. With all of those footsteps, natural grass would flatten, shed, and lose its luster. SYNLawn products are made from nylon fibers that remain lush and vibrant all year long no matter the number of steps, or level of activity. Even athletes can undergo intense training sessions without disrupting the grass below them.

The Unmatched Quality of New York Artificial Grass

New York artificial grass means saying goodbye to maintenance. The low-maintenance products from SYNLawn remove the need for upkeep, constant watering, lawn equipment, and maintenance crews. All year long, your landscape will look gorgeous. The natural color pigments and behaviors that are replicated from our products would otherwise deteriorate as a result of installing traditional sod. Rain or shine, a landscape installed by SYNLawn® will endure many life cycles. With the use of eco-friendly materials including sugar cane and soybean oil, New York artificial grass is recyclable and can be repurposed for an unlimited number of projects in the future. Say goodbye to holes, muddy paws, and grass stains.

Only SYNLawn® Offers Class A Fire Rated Products

Many of us have children and pets and while we want them to live freely and have fun at the park or in the backyard, we want them to be safe even more. We take safety into consideration to the highest degree in the same way that parents do. New York artificial grass from SYNLawn is manufactured to meet IPEMA and ADA certification as well as meets Head Injury Compliancy. Protecting our children from common injuries and falls up to 10-feet.

Pets are safe from fleas, ticks, and unwanted pests as SYNLawn® products are coated with an effective antimicrobial by Sanitized®. Sanitized® will additionally eliminate 99% of bacteria preventing infections and fungal growth.

Fire Safety Only SYNLawn® New York Turf Can Offer

Your landscape in some ways can be the cause of a fire outbreak. In consideration of this, consumers switch from natural grass to synthetic grass to serve as a barrier between the fire and your property. SYNLawn® is the only company to offer products with an ASTM E108 Class A fire rating. This fire rating greatly extends the time window first responders have to get to a fire and put out the blaze. New York synthetic grass also offers the strongest warranty against reflective light that can dry out and become the cause of dry burns.

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Backing Systems Ensure Your Landscapes Longevity

Artificial grass from SYNLawn includes our exclusive EnviroLoc™ backing system. This backing system uses bio-based polymers generated from soybean oil to replace many petroleum-based components, resulting in a strong anchor that binds grass strands while decreasing shedding. The porous body offered by EnviroLoc™, allows for great drainage, making it usable almost immediately after rain and preventing mud accumulation. Finally, by assuring the long-term survival of our artificial grass, we assist to decrease our carbon footprint and the impact on local landfills.

Infill Reinforces Your Lawn and Backing System

Artificial grass is infilled in order to keep it looking lush. Infill also contributes to the lawn’s flexibility. Rubber crumb and sand are common filler materials, and you can use either for your grass. Polypropylene and polyester are used as the backing for fake grass. Pet-friendly infill such as Envirofill® can be added to your SYNLawn turf installation in order to help enhance stain and odor resistance. Infill is important for pet-friendly lawns in backyards, rooftops, commercial dog parks, and more.

Eco-Friendly Benefits and Savings

Artificial turf provides an ecologically conscious alternative to real grass thanks to its use of recyclable and locally sourced materials. By utilizing artificial landscape products, you’re making the conscious decision to help the environment and move forward toward a brighter ecological future. SYNLawn synthetic grass helps to significantly cut down on carbon emissions, conserve thousands of gallons of water, and reduce the impact we have on local landfills. These benefits have also saved our customers substantial time and money that they can reinvest into what is most important to them.

No More Harsh Chemicals or Pesticides

As a result of our use of infill, your artificial lawn is free of harsh chemicals and metals that can end up in traditional lawns. Additionally, because your landscape is artificial, you will no longer need to spray pesticides and weed killers on your lawn that can be harmful to both children and pets.

Increases Your Home’s Value With Artificial Turf

New York artificial grass is a wonderful way to increase your home’s overall value. The ultra-realistic appearance, luxurious feel, natural behaviors, and pure color pigments make our products create stunning impressions that last a lifetime. Synthetic grass from SYNLawn is truly something to behold.

The Many Uses of SYNLawn® Products

SYNLawn products are perfect for nearly any landscaping design you can imagine. Synthetic grass is a wonderful design element for lanes, landscapes, playgrounds, apartment complexes, hotels, restaurants, dog parks, and so much more. SYNLawn has spent more than 50 years on research and development to ensure that we meet all of our customer’s expectations, protect the environment, and lead the way with cutting-edge technologies that can’t be offered by competitors.

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