New York Artificial Grass – Incredible Fire Safety Benefits

Our distinctive assortment of New York artificial grass products is designed and innovated to provide the finest quality for every installation. Our New York luxury lawns incorporate the greatest standards of safety, as well as our exclusive innovations and advantages, thanks to more than 50 years of research and development.

Our biobased range of synthetic grasses and safety surface alternatives meets E108, Class A fire criteria, ensuring the safety of our children and pets. Our local team of artificial grass installation and design service pros has years of expertise in the business and can help you realize your landscaping vision while ensuring its safety. SYNLawn® is proud to be the first and only provider of Class A fire-rated products and the strongest warranty against reflective light.

The Only Artificial Grass with a Class A Fire Rating Available

SYNLawn® is committed to creating grass solutions that can aid in the prevention of fires and give a key time window between the commencement of a fire and the arrival of first responders. This is a key period in which harm can be avoided and potentially lives saved. We provide eight ASTM-certified E108 variants, each of which can aid to prevent fire spread in some way. New York artificial grass also has an acrylic sand infill. Infill is intended to keep grass fibers from drying out, but it may also act as a fire retardant. We test our things on a regular basis to ensure that they are in good working order.

To be qualified for an ASTM E108 Class A fire rating, our products must pass a set of 8 fire safety tests. Four burning tests: two flame spread tests, and two intermittent flame tests. Intermittent flame tests require fifteen 2 min exposures to 1400° F flames with 2 min intervals between each exposure. A spread of flame test requires a single 10 min exposure to 1400-degree flame. Finally, all tests are performed in the presence 1056 + 44y min air velocity.

In 2016, a fire broke out on the 14th floor Bamboo Pool area of The Cosmopolitan Hotel, causing an outbreak of panic. Due to the strong winds that fanned the fire, it developed at an alarming rate within minutes. Had SYNRye 211’s 100% nylon fibers not been there, the situation would have been significantly worse. SYNLawn® was specifically praised for containing the fire with the help of SYNRye 211’s ASTM E108 Class A fire rating. The 13,000 square feet of SYNRye 211 made it possible for the Cosmopolitan Hotel to host its guests.

SYNLawn® Is Dedicated to Its Customers

SYNLawn is beyond excited to begin collaborating with you on your next home or commercial project to ensure that all of your requirements are met and that your design ideas are brought into reality. How we make our products is heavily influenced by our devotion to our consumers. That’s why we make all of our goods in-house at our Dalton, GA plant. As a consequence, we can work directly with US soy farmers to use environmentally friendly components, ensuring that SYNLawn® artificial grass satisfies environmental criteria while still meeting our quality and safety standards. Every extra step we take is calculated with care.

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