Residential Indoor Putting Green Installation in New York

indoor putting green installed by SYNLawn

SYNLawn New York putting green turf for indoor residential use in New York City, NY and more is on the rise! With it, golf enthusiasts can practice their short game from the comfort of their home, regardless of the weather! SYNLawn NY has golf turf options that are ideal for any indoor application from garage golf simulators to indoor mini golf courses installed in the basement. At SYNLawn New York, we are a leading provider of golf turf in New York and have more than 25 years of experience and over 50 years of research and development instilled in our turf collection. 

Our New York golf greens are designed for a growing list of indoor applications and are ideal for all ages and every skill level. Experienced golfers appreciate our golf greens as they offer the same professional performance found on your favorite golf courses. We proudly work in collaboration with one of the most well-known professional golf coaches, Dave Pelz. Dave understands the importance of incorporating the highest-quality materials and replicating the appearance and movements of traditional grass as closely as possible. From putting greens, to driving range simulators, to minigolf, SYNLawn New York can help you design the perfect indoor putting green to meet your specifications.

Engineered and Installed by Professionals

Installing an indoor putting green in New York takes the hassle out of having to travel for practice! It also allows you to enjoy a more private golf experience. Unfortunately, many shots in a golf game are lost to par in the short game. As a result, we have designed putting green turf that is proven to help improve your short game and lower your scores. Having professional-level golf greens in your home is only as good as your installation. This is why customers rely on SYNLawn New York to meticulously design and install their greens. We take the time to prevent seams, bumps, and debris from ruining your authentic performance. 

Benefits of New York putting green turf include, but are not limited to:

  • Authentic ball roll and ball energy displacement for natural slow down and bounce characteristics
  • One-inch-thick practice surfaces that allow you to use a real golf tee
  • Superior durability to practice putting, chipping, and flop shots
  • The professionally installed T-Strike lets you make a complete swing without grabbing the club head
  • Select from different turf options for your fairway, fringe, collar, and more
  • Customizable with obstacles to increasing the challenge
  • Only SYNLawn GreenMaster™ certified technicians can install our New York golf greens

Low-Maintenance Putting Green Turf

Indoor putting greens carry over many of the major benefits of SYNLawn New York artificial grass and it is because of these benefits that they are ideal for indoor use. Our synthetic golf turf does not require any regular upkeep to remain lush and vibrant. This allows our customers to enjoy golf year-round without hassle. Even when the weather outside is unpredictable, you can golf comfortably in your spare room, basement, or living room with ease any time of the day!

Indoor putting green in New York

Eco-Friendly New York Golf Greens

Conventional grass golf courses use chemicals like fertilizers, insecticides, and herbicides in addition to other weed killers as part of normal maintenance. These can be harmful to both children and pets as well as to the air that we breathe when we play golf. Fortunately, SYNLawn New York golf turf does not require anything that will eventually lead to environmental degradation. Our products are manufactured locally in the USA with the help of American soy farmers. Since 2008, we have worked closely with them to replace harmful materials and components with renewable soybeans and sugarcane. SYNLawn golf turf helps conserve thousands of gallons of water each year, significantly aiding to reduce carbon emissions and prevent negative impacts on local landfills thanks to its recyclable composition. 

Indoor putting green installed in Basement

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If you are ready to get started designing your New York indoor putting green, SYNLawn New York offers incredibly high-quality golf greens with options for financing to fit every budget. To learn more about the quality golf turf SYNLawn New York has to offer, contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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