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SYNLawn New York offers the number one choice for artificial dog and pet turf for residential installation in New York, NY. We utilize top-quality materials and our exclusive technologies to provide long-lasting vibrance, comfort, and durability. Our New York pet grass utilizes an environmentally friendly infill that helps reduce pet odors caused by the ammonia found in pet waste. Our artificial pet and dog grass also offers stain well as UV protection to prevent fading fibers and brown spots.

At SYNLawn New York, we recognize that pet owners have a variety of landscape requirements in addition to wanting their pets to be safer and healthier. In response to this, we went back to the drawing board and specifically designed cleaner and safer New York artificial pet grass. We work carefully with you to understand the needs of you and your pets, such as the size of the pet, the size of the outside space, and how much time the pet spends outside. We always aim to provide a stunning synthetic pet turf installation that will support the well-being of your pets and the longevity of your landscape. Our experts will work closely with you to find the right artificial pet turf solution for your home.

Artificial dog and pet grass from SYNLawn New York offers numerous features and benefits including:

  • Super Yarn™ technology is the first of its kind molecularly bound yarn formula
  • Sanitized® antimicrobial eliminates up to 99% of stain and odor-causing bacteria from surfaces as well as prevent mold growth
  • DualChill™ IR reflectivity to protect the turf from fading and absorbing heat
  • Inhospitable to fleas and ticks, helping to prevent the spread of disease
  • EnviroLoc+™ backing system prevents shedding and helps to prevent airborne allergies
  • No more muddy paws – maximum drainage of up to 1,200 inches per hour allows for use as soon as storms subside
  • HeatBlock™ technology provides significantly cooler surfaces, up to 20% lower than any competing brand
  • OmegaBlade™ technology provides long-lasting blade integrity and ultra-realism
  • Added security upgrades available for destructive canines
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly materials
  • ASTM E108 Class A fire-rated solutions for rooftop dog runs
  • Backed by our unmatched lifetime warranty
  • Made in the USA

Low Maintenance New York Pet Grass

For many pet owners, it may feel impossible to achieve a beautiful yard and let their pets fully enjoy playtime at the same time. This is not the case with SYNLawn New York’s synthetic dog and pet turf. Much like our other grass alternatives, you will successfully eliminate traditional maintenance, such as mowing, watering, and fertilizing. You will also be able to save on your water bill while most homeowners waste water on lawn care. So say goodbye to muddy paws, shedding fibers, harsh chemicals, and fertilizers that are harmful to your pet’s health. Instead, say hello to time and money savings by removing maintenance requirements!

Superior Durability

Dog owners are very familiar with how rambunctious their companions can be. While we never want to stifle their fun, it can be very frustrating to have to repair holes in the yard or try to prevent lawn shedding. Fortunately, with the help of our exclusive Super Yarn technology and EnviroLoc+ backing system, artificial pet grass from SYNLawn New York is the most durable on the market. We have instilled numerous years of research and development into our technologies and benefits to ensure that, with minimal upkeep, your luxury lawn will last for years to come.

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Sanitized® Antimicrobial

With your pet’s health in mind, you will be happy to know that we have turf solutions infused with the highly effective pet-friendly antimicrobial Sanitized®. Sanitized® has been proven to eliminate up to 99% of bacteria from our surfaces. This component helps to prevent stains and odors caused by pet waste and prevents the growth of mold and mildew. You and your pets can enjoy a cleaner lawn space year-round. Plus, no more allergens! Our SYNLawn turf is also very easy to clean; simply pick up the solids and occasionally rinse the turf off with a hose at your convenience.

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Pet Safety

We specifically designed our SYNLawn New York pet turf to be a safer, pet-friendly lawn solution. Our pet-friendly lawns are designed with plant-based materials, are free of harsh chemicals and heavy metals found in cheap turf brands, and will not burn your pup’s paws in the summer or in warm climates. In addition, SYNLawn NY pet turf installations prevent fleas and ticks from making a home in your turf and harming your pets.

Eco-Friendly and Plant-Based New York Pet Turf

Our use of sustainable materials is the first step in producing our eco-friendly fake grass for dogs. While other companies might state that their products are environmentally friendly, we go beyond by helping to reduce water waste and the use of lawn equipment. We give your pet a considerably safer, healthier, and more environmentally responsible product by utilizing bio-based resources like sugar cane and renewable soybeans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! In fact, our artificial grass is the most pet-friendly turf system available. We design our pet turf products with the safety and wellbeing of dogs in mind. We utilize exclusive turf technologies such as Omega technology™, HeatBlock technology™, BioCel technology™, Enviroloc™ backing system, Envirofill® Antimicrobial and more, to ensure that dogs can enjoy our pet turf comfortably for years to come.

Of course, SYNLawn® synthetic grass is safe for pets of all shapes and sizes. SYNLawn® turf prevents the spread of animal diseases by removing fleas, ticks, and other pests from your landscape. Our Enviroloc™ backing system locks-in the turf fibers to prevent them from being pulled out of the turf and consumed by pets. In addition, our exclusive BioCel Technology™ replaces 68% of petroleum found in competing pet turf brands and replaces it with soybean oil making it more pet-friendly and eco-friendly. Our HeatBlock Technology™ also keeps SYNLawn® turf 20% cooler than competing turf brands which prevents pets from burning their paws in the summer. SYNLawn® pet turf is the perfect solution for dog kennels, dog runs, backyard lawns, barn walkways, and much more.

SYNLawn® synthetic grass is stain resistant while other competing brands might be stained by urine and pet waste.

No, SYNLawn® artificial turf is made with first-of-its-kind Super Yarn™ Technology which consists of a highly effective antimicrobial by Sanitized® which kills 99% of microbes and bacteria from the turf which helps with reducing odors and keeping the turf clean. In addition, we use Envirofill® infill that reduces 99% of ammonia caused by pet waste. Envirofill® is made in the USA from 100% natural and non-toxic components.

Artificial grass for dogs can be installed on many different surfaces from dirt and concrete to metal grates depending on the application. Typically for residential lawn applications, we would install on dirt. Concrete can also be used as the foundation for rooftop, deck, and patio applications as well as commercial applications. The foundation really depends on the type of application, number of dogs, and irrigation.

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At SYNLawn New York, a primary focus for us is to deliver artificial dog and pet grass landscapes that satisfy the requirements of pets and pet owners in New York, New York. Never compromise when it comes to giving your pets a durable, secure, and hygienic surface to play on when you can get everything you need from SYNLawn – along with payment plans for any budget. To learn more about our New York pet grass, contact us today to take advantage of your free consultation!

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