New York Commercial Bocce Ball Court Systems

At SYNLawn New York, we offer quality commercial bocce ball court systems in New York City, NY and other communities. The sport of bocce ball continues to rise in popularity throughout our state and the country. In response, SYNLawn is changing the game, and our team is proud to introduce its very own artificial grass bocce ball court system, SYNBocce. Bocce ball is well-loved because of its ease of accessibility and ability to entice players of all ages. There are various places where you can play bocce ball, including your backyard, a workplace lounge, a patio, restaurants, and a lot more. Additionally, our New York bocce ball turf is IPEMA-approved, aiding in protecting you from common injuries and cushioning falls of up to ten feet.

Some of the many benefits of our artificial bocce turf include:

  • Consistent ball roll with minimal bounce
  • Dust-free with no watering required
  • Excellent drainage
  • Can play on after rain
  • Can be shoveled after snow
  • ADA Compliant surface

New York bocce ball courts require a surface with true ball roll, limited rebound, good drainage, and very little maintenance. Due to its exceptional stability and stunning beauty, our artificial bocce grass is the best solution for bocce courts of all levels of expertise. SYNBocce is a premier court system that utilizes a concrete base over aggregate to produce a uniform textured surface and a proper one-degree pitch for proper drainage. Our turf is then spot glued with commercial adhesives and can be completed with a variety of bumper boards.

Residential bocce ball installation from SYNLawn
Backyard artificial grass bocce ball court from SYNLawn
Newy York residential bocce ball artificial grass installation
Public artificial grass bocce ball court

The Time and Money Savings of New York Bocce Ball Turf

At SYNLawn New York, we are well known for our low-maintenance philosophy and efforts to promote environmental sustainability. With this in mind, we have directly implemented these ideals into SYNBocce. It has been designed to remain vibrant and intact year-round, utilizing the highest quality plant-based materials. Our commercial and residential customers continue to rely on us for their artificial grass needs because there is no other company that matches our superior durability, performance, and quality.

SYNBocce never requires traditional maintenance. This means you can leave your mower behind, cut your water bill, and eliminate fertilizers and pesticides. By installing a bocce court with SYNLawn synthetic grass, you can significantly reduce your water consumption and your water bill. In addition, it can significantly help reduce carbon emissions in New York without the need for gas-powered equipment.

SYNBocce is also made from recyclable and renewable materials, including sugar cane and soybean oil. With the help of American farmers, we eliminate more than 60% of harmful components, such as petroleum, from our manufacturing. With their help, we can continue to save our customers time and money on maintenance and further our efforts to protect the environment.

Close up shot of artificial grass bocce ball court

The Cooling Benefits of HeatBlock™ Technology

An enthusiast wants to be able to play their favorite sport whenever they like. Unfortunately, at times, this can be difficult, depending on the weather. During the summer and in warmer climates, traditional grass and other synthetic turf options can become uncomfortable when exposed to heat, especially for long periods of time. Fortunately, our SYNBocce is manufactured with HeatBlock technology. HeatBlock can provide up to 20% cooler surface temperatures than any other competing turf brand. Much like dark clothing, artificial grass can absorb heat and store it, causing burned feet and paws. Our HeatBlock actively combats heat emissivity and inhibits this buildup for year-round comfort.

EnviroLoc+™ Plant-Based Backing System

EnviroLoc+ is SYNLawn’s exclusive plant-based backing system. EnviroLoc+ is a two-part woven system that locks turf blades in place to increase longevity and protect against heavy foot traffic and impact. In addition, its porous body helps provide a maximum drainage rate of up to 1,200 inches per hour. This allows for nearly immediate use after encountering heavy rainfall and liquid spillage.

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For years, SYNLawn New York has continued to explore the possibilities of synthetic grass, which is why we now offer artificial grass bocce ball courts in New York City, NY. We are happy to provide New York bocce ball enthusiasts with their very own artificial grass that makes it easy to enjoy their sport. To learn more about our NY bocce court turf, contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

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