Introducing the New and Improved EnviroLoc+ Backing System

At SYNLawn, finding new ways to incorporate eco-friendly methods is one of our top priorities. One of the ways that we do this is by developing plant-based technologies that are sustainable and safe for the environment. There are endless opportunities for us to explore and develop and one of our proudest moments is the creation of our exclusive EnviroLoc+ turf backing system. This bio-based backing system is setting the highest standard for backing and turf security.

EnviroLoc+ is made with recyclable materials including soybean oil. Think of EnviroLoc+ as a security system for your New York artificial grass installation. It “locks-in” turf fibers to prevent them from shedding, thus, increasing the longevity of our exceptionally durable artificial turf products.

  • Created with a durable 2-part woven (Polypropylene and Polyester) backing for a fuller tufted look.
  • Less fiber loss for a more environmentally responsible approach to synthetic grass and longer lasting turf installations.
  • Reduces algae and fungi growth to help alleviate allergies in the environment.
  • The long-life expectancy of SYNLawn artificial grass reduces the impact on landfills, eliminates emissions from lawn care tools, and saves precious water resources.

Additionally, EnviroLoc+ provides your commercial or residential landscape with optimal drainage. This incredible benefit allows customers to utilize their installation almost immediately after making contact with liquids. This means spills, pet waste, heavy rain, and even snow.

EnviroLoc+ is Made Possible with the Help of US Soy Farmers

We work closely with US soy farmers to locally source all of our plant-based materials. It is with their help that we are able to make EnviroLoc+ possible as well as the many other eco-friendly products we offer including our catalog of USDA certified New York artificial grass. Utilizing plant-based materials allows us to eliminate significant amounts of petroleum from the manufacturing process. EnviroLoc+ helps us conserve incredible amounts of water yearly, reduce carbon emissions without the need for maintenance tools, and prevent products of SYNLawn from winding up in local landfills.

In addition, the newly upgraded EnviroLoc+ does its part to help fight unwanted odors, stains, and airborne allergies.

Sanitized® Meets Green Technology

You may be familiar with the extraordinary power antimicrobial that is found in our Super Yarn technology. Well, now you will find the very same Sanitized® solution in EnviroLoc+. Sanitized® eliminates an impressive 99% of bacteria found on turf surfaces. Furthermore, it keeps both algae and fungi at bay. Both of which are known to expel airborne allergens.

Algae and fungi are known health risks that flourish in warm, damp conditions and can affect local animals and generate harmful discharge. Dead zones form when algae limit the natural oxygen in water, resulting in unsafe drinking water for wildlife. Fungi are constantly floating in the air becoming a respiratory threat to those around. It can be costly to remove them from the area and that is why we’ve included protection from them both in our products. To keep you safe.

SYNLawn products are green from the top to the bottom. They can be identified by their unique certification on their back as well as their green coloring. If it’s not green on the back, it is NOT SYNLawn and it certainly does not include our EnviroLoc+ backing.

Not a day goes by that we do not explore new ways to improve our products and meet the needs of our customers. We take great pride in producing products and technologies that give back to the environment so that we may do our part to keep it safe. From working with US soy farmers to open up new doors, to finding new ways to lead the industry. SYNLawn has dedicated more than 50 years of its life to all aspects of artificial turf products. Additionally, we work closely with landscape architects, architects, general contractors, and more, to can create safer and cleaner environments for all to enjoy.

For more information on EnviroLoc+, our products, and all of our services, contact us today to schedule a free consultation or a lunch and learn today!

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