New York Artificial Grass Features Exclusive HeatBlock™ Technology

At SYNLawn New York, we offer artificial grass products that feature our HeatBlock technology, which helps reduce surface temperatures in New York, NY. If you live in a climate that is prone to high heat and brutal summers, you know that this can very easily make it difficult to enjoy your lawn or landscape. Grass and other turf brands often absorb heat, become itchy to the touch, and fade much like darker clothes can. However, customers who make the switch to New York artificial grass from SYNLawn are enjoying their lawns year-round in comfort. With our HeatBlock Technology, SYNLawn New York synthetic turf offers significantly cooler surface temperatures to ensure that our artificial grass surfaces are usable all year round.

Science has demonstrated that our HeatBlock technology lowers rising temperatures by reflecting sunlight and reduces heat buildup and thermal emissivity. The thermal energy from the sun’s beams causes an object’s surface to get heated. In physics, a substance’s emissivity is the measure of how much heat it emits. SYNLawn incorporates infrared-reflecting pigments in our HeatBlock turf technology, which lowers fiber emissivity to diffuse heat buildup substantially when compared to similar synthetic grass products.

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The Difference You Can See and Feel

Whether you are looking for a backyard lawn alternative, pet-friendly dog run, safer playground surface, or a rooftop lawn solution, our HeatBlock™ will help ensure that your application can be enjoyed in warmer climates. Over the years, lack of temperature control has been a major deterrent for customers researching turf installation. Our team at SYNLawn New York recognized this need from the beginning and spent decades researching and developing technology to combat heat buildup on any application.

In addition, our SYNLawn New York artificial turf’s HeatBlock technology provides each strand of grass a less shimmery aesthetic, gentler touch, and less abrasive finish than other artificial grasses, giving it a more lush and hyper-realistic appearance that you can see and feel. 

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Increased Safety for Children, Pets, and More

In addition to our many other industry achievements, we take pride in providing our safer New York artificial grass installations for residential and commercial applications. We place a great deal of emphasis on safety with every project we work on and complete. We thoroughly analyze the overall scope of each application and the need to minimize injuries and provide safer surfaces for all. 

Children often enjoy playing barefoot, and as parents, we fear that when they go outside to play during the summertime, the outdoor surfaces may be too hot for them to stand on. Thanks to our state-of-the-art HeatBlock technology, kids and pets alike can participate in outdoor fun without getting their bare feet or paws burned. To go the extra mile, we also offer temperature-controlling infill options that, when combined with HeatBlock technology, offer even cooler and more comfortable surface temperatures.

SYNLawn New York was at the forefront of designing and manufacturing synthetic turf that offers an ASTM Class A fire rating. This is especially important for NY rooftop lawn spaces that require additional safety standards. This fire rating is earned after a product undergoes strenuous fire tests to determine its potential to burn and fuel the spread of fires. The Class A rating is the highest achievement after the completion of these tests proving that our SYNLawn synthetic turf will reduce the spread of fires by melting instead of combusting. As a result, SYNLawn New York synthetic grass can help reduce property damage while also lowering the chance of serious and potentially fatal injuries during fires.

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Attractive Surfacing

In contrast to conventional grass, our artificial grass will not fade or dry out under direct sunlight. This makes it an ideal landscape solution around your home or your business. It is also a proven strategy to help increase the value of your property. Furthermore, competing brands that are exposed to long-term sunshine tend to melt quickly after installation, but SYNLawn can reliably resist melting and remain attractive in all climates. We also offer an unmatched warranty to provide our customers with peace of mind should such an unfortunate event occur.

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Here at SYNLawn New York, when we design our products, we take into consideration all the needs of our customers and accommodate them accordingly, which is why we instill HeatBlock in our artificial grasses for New York, NY. Our incredible SYNLawn synthetic grass is the result of years of research and development. We are proud to provide some of the most technologically advanced and lifelike artificial grass New York has ever seen. 
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