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Artificial Grass Installations in Massapequa, NY

Lawns built with Massapequa synthetic grass from SYNLawn® retain their optimum appearance and texture year after year, even in the heat and humidity. Owners of SYNLawn® New York artificial grass live a different lifestyle than their natural-grass neighbors: lower water bills, less time-consuming yard work, and the aesthetic grandeur that our artificial grass can bring to any home. Customers who make the transition to SYNLawn® synthetic grass landscape turf are typically amazed at how much money they save on their power bills. By just switching to one of our synthetic lawns, you may save about two-thirds of your water bill.

In addition, SYNLawn® artificial grass installations in Massapequa include exclusive technologies and features including:

  • Made in the USA with materials made from soybeans and sugar cane
  • Pet and kid-friendly
  • Recyclable and eco-friendly; help to conserve water and reduce carbon emissions
  • Super Yarn™ technology for cleaner and longer lasting surfaces
  • Omega technology: Provides long-lasting blade integrity
  • EnviroLoc™ backing: Multi-layered backing system that locks turf fibers down to the base to prevent shedding and extend the life of SYNLawn® products
  • BioCel™ technology: Soy-based backing that replaces the majority of petroleum found in standard turf backing
  • Optimal drainage: Maximum drainage allows for immediate use after it rains

PGA-Caliber Massapequa Golf Greens

Consider having your own customized synthetic turf practice green in your own backyard. SYNLawn® may be able to assist you in revitalizing your dream of becoming a professional golfer. We create synthetic putting greens for golfers of all skill levels. With the help of author and famous NASA scientist Dave Pelz, SYNLawn® has created fantastic backyard golf greens, indoor putting greens, and portable green systems. Our collaboration has resulted in synthetic grass greens with remarkably accurate visual appeal and performance. As a result, SYNLawn® is the preferred material for commercial and residential golf putting greens.

  • Realistic putt with a very true ball roll, ball bounce, and slow down properties
  • Extremely durable surface for chipping on
  • No water can settle beneath the putting green turf and wash the base out
  • Effective drains in each cup prevent backfill of water and mold
  • Ability to install LED cup lights, bunkers, sand traps, slopes, and more
  • Engineered by an ex-NASA engineer to imitate natural grass as close as possible

Low-Maintenance Massapequa Pet Grass

The reward of Massapequa artificial grass is obvious, safety. SYNLawn® clients should have no issue visualizing the transition to synthetic turf for pet systems. For starters, because it is durable, dogs cannot dig through it or wear it down like actual grass, resulting in unsightly holes and brown stains. Our pet grass also drains fast, preventing pet urine from collecting and producing an odor. Finally, synthetic turf for pets is incredibly simple to maintain and does not require a large number of landscaping resources to keep it looking fantastic.

  • Odor control through the incorporation of Envirofill™
  • Stain-resistant and very easy to clean
  • No brown spots caused by pet waste
  • Prevents moles and gophers from destroying the lawn
  • Optimal drainage at a rate of 90 inches per hour
  • No dirt or mud to be tracked into your home
  • Added security upgrades available for destructive dogs

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Playground Systems in Massapequa

Nothing is more important to you than your children’s safety. The most critical element to consider while selecting the appropriate playground system is safety. Take a look at the playground surface beneath your children’s playset. The majority of playground injuries are caused by a fall on abrasive, rough, or just unsafe surfaces. The SYNLawn® playground system can assist you with this. We’ve developed the world’s most secure and uniform playground surface. Massapequa playground systems are appropriate for all types of playground equipment and protect children from falls while meeting IPEMA and CSA-certified fall attenuation criteria.

Commercial installation for artificial grass

Roof, Deck, and Patio Installations in Massapequa

Massapequa artificial grass’s adaptability is one of its best features. The applications for which SYNLawn® synthetic grass appears to be an excellent match appear to be limitless. Artificial grass installed on rooftops, patios, and decks has enhanced living space while also providing a surface that does not wear out or require the same level of upkeep as regular surfaces. Please let us know if you believe a spot in your house or company would be suitable for the installation of artificial grass. As a result of its appealing appearance and feel, our landscape turf has long been a popular choice for synthetic lawns, and its use on rooftops, decks, and patios is natural because of features such as:

  • ATSM Certified E-108 Class A Fire-Rated Turf
  • The addition of more usable living space
  • Perfect for residential and commercial applications
  • IR Reflective Technology helps keep temperatures low
  • Built to withstand heavy foot traffic
  • Virtually maintenance-free requires less maintenance than other surfaces

Massapequa Artificial Living Walls

VistaFolia® artificial living walls are a terrific way to bring life to any empty vertical area. This project includes a custom wood frame for our faux foliage wall panel system. VistaFolia® green walls can be totally customized with eight various colors and textures to meet any sophisticated design. UV-resistant to prevent fading in direct sunlight and built to endure inclement weather.

  • Indoor and outdoor designs
  • 8 varieties of bright colors and lush textures to choose from
  • Lightweight panels designed to allow free movement of air
  • Unmatched realism: exact colors, shadings, and dimensions
  • UV-protection to minimize fading of outdoor installations
  • Customizable arrangements with a range of color boxes
  • Manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • No watering, trimming, or pruning required
  • Never fades in the sun
  • Allows for ambient noise reduction
  • Built to endure any weather conditions
  • Suitable for every project
  • Easy to shape, attach, and maintain
vistafolia, artificial green walls installation

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