New York Synthetic Grass Short Rolls and Sale Items

April 11, 2020

SYNLawn® is the industry’s leading manufacturer and distributor of synthetic grass products, and SYNLawn® of New York is now offering short rolls in their SYNBasix 25 and SYNBasix 50 styles of artificial turf. In addition to being the most realistic, durable synthetic turf product in the industry, our state-of-the-art products are also the most affordable. Residential and commercial customers can now purchase these two styles at prices ranging from $2.25-$2.99 per square foot.

Available sizes include:

  • 15’ x 3’ = 45 square feet
  • 15’ x 5’ = 75 square feet
  • 15’ x 10” = 150 square feet

SYNLawn® of New York is offering great deals for irregular sizes of other styles of their artificial grass as well. Ask about these items today!

Golfing enthusiasts, SYNLawn’s portable putting greens are here! These amazingly convenient practice golf greens make it easy to practice anywhere, anytime you want. Move them from the conference room to the office or from the deck to the basement, and work on your game at a moment’s notice!

These sizes are available and are on sale:

  • 6 x 12
  • 8 x 14
  • 10 x 16
  • 12 x 18

Learn more about the incredible deals on short rolls and portable practice greens by calling SYNLawn® of New York today!